Replay Pricing

Our replays cost 10-20% more than our live events. Replays come free for live event attendees. Use the code you received in your email after the event.

The Most Useful Conference in Agriculture

Here's just some of what the 2020 Eco-Ag Conference covered:

  • Soil minerals and biology

  • Pastured livestock

  • Modern business models

  • Ag policy & leadership

  • Regenerative & organic farming

  • Soil testing

  • and more!

Replay Agenda

These workshops were broadcast live Dec. 1-4, 2020.

  • 1

    Day 1

  • 2

    Day 2

    • Paul Dorrance: Pasture-based Livestock: Advancing Ecological, Economical and Emotional Resilience (w/ Q&A)

    • Kelsey Ducheneaux: DX Beef Ranch Tour

    • Vail Dixon: Find Your Soil’s Weakest Link (w/ Q&A)

    • Gabe Brown: Building Resiliency Into Your Farm (Keynote) (w/ Q&A)

  • 3

    Day 3

    • Marty Travis: Building A Collaborative and Resilient Farm Business to Feed Your Region (w/ Q&A)

    • Brendon Rockey: Rockey Farms Farm Tour

    • John Kempf: Soil Testing 2.0: Build Your Soil, Cut Costs & Increase Profits (w/ Q&A)

    • Nicole Masters: The Land is Speaking (Keynote) (w/ Q&A)

  • 4

    Day 4

    • Dr. Nasha Winters: Soil to the Soul (w/ Q&A)

    • Kamal Bell: Sankofa Farms Farm Tour

    • Mark Shepard: Restoring Ecosystem Function on Farm or Ranch (w/ Q&A)

    • Anna Jones-Crabtree, Kimberly Ratcliff, Steve Tucker: Lessons for Growing Eco Agriculture’s Footprint (Keynote) (w/ Q&A)

A Community of Welcoming Farmers

Join hundreds of farmers from around the world interested in soil health and building more resilient operations.

More Acres U.S.A. Event Replays

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  • $249.00

    $249.002021 Eco-Ag Conference Replay (Recorded in Covington, Kentucky)

    The best of both worlds: virtually presented to your home, but recorded in person at our annual event. Join in for this unique experience. This type of virtual experience may never happen again!
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  • $159.00

    $159.002021 Healthy Soil Summit Replay

    Focused on supporting any farmer or rancher with a soil health program, join in to hear amazing speakers like Rick Clark and Nicole Masters.
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  • $89.00

    $89.002020 Advancing Industrial Hemp Replay

    Learn real soil health management techniques to control THC levels, and create higher-quality oils and fiber, from real-world professional industrial hemp farmers.
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  • $89.00

    $89.002020 Healthy Soil Summit Replay

    Our 2020 Healthy Soil Summit will help any transitioning farmer who is moving their farm or ranch management away from toxic pesticides and herbicides and toward a more balanced soil approach.
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