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From a real student and early adopter of Eco-Ag U Online.

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Fabien Peulvast, United Kingdom, Premium Package Student

"Eco-Ag U Online from Acres U.S.A. offers an unparalleled learning system for new or experienced farmers. The teachers are world-class communicators and leading thinkers in their fields. The platform creates a very powerful learning management system, easy to access and very interactive, with clear course goals and how to achieve them. It leaves you with a definite understanding of the basic principles. Plus, the courses came with additional learning opportunities from a very large database of free articles from Acres U.S.A. With a self-review test for each lesson, you can assess your comprehension as you go. And as soon as I registered, I got outstanding support from Acres U.S.A. and answers to any questions I had as I took the courses. If you are just discovering the environment degradation from the use of chemicals in conventional farming or a farmer wanting to transition to regenerative practices, the premium package is guaranteed to help you put together your first ecological farm plan. Eco-Ag U Online is your gateway to understanding the principles of eco-agriculture in theory and in practice."

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Enroll and get access to four great courses by leading instructors in eco-agriculture.

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Here are all the courses that are included in your bundle. Includes our event replayss for free!

The Premium Bundle

Learning eco-agriculture takes a lifetime. Secure your all-access pass now for just $899, which will allows you to enroll to every course and event replay we produce in the future ... all for this guaranteed low price.

  • Convert your open land into a profitable venture

  • Transition your farm into modern, ecological-based practices

  • Explore opportunities for your agriculture career

  • Refine your soil health management methods and practices

  • Diversify your operations

  • And more.

Lifelong Learning for Farmers

Build your own mini Eco-Ag U academy with classes by Mark Shepard, Gary Zimmer, Paul Dorrance and Doug Fine!

Event Replay Bundle

Receive access to our virtual events from 2020-2021, including the 2021 Eco-Ag Conference & Trade Show!

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