Learn Biological Farming with

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  • Video Instruction

    Learn from Gary Zimmer as he walks the Otter Creek Farm and shows you specific tactics for biological farming.

  • Useful Worksheets

    Bring your strategy to a tactical level by building clear goals and next steps.

  • Proven Recommendations

    Learn what works on the Owl Farm that Gary Zimmer runs, including sample soil tests and fertilizer recommendations.

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Certified Crop Advisers can earn up to 4 CEU credits for successfully completing this course. Learn how in the free preview. Not sure? Watch this video to learn more about biological farming.

Course includes lessons on:

Each lesson will take you 10-20 minutes to complete, on average, and includes a handy summary at the end to help you take notes.

  • key biological farming terms and the concept of a biological growing system;

  • how soil health fits into the biological farming system;

  • how to measure soil health;

  • how the principles of biological farming factor into the entire system;

  • why some farmers till, and why no-till might work against your biological farming systems;

  • why biodiversity is important to managing weeds, and specific methods to controlling weeds without toxins;

  • how to understand the difference between negative and beneficial insects in their fields, and be able to make the basic connection between soil health and pest and disease pressure; and

  • how to build a biological farming system customized for your land, operation and goals.

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Course curriculum

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Meet your instructor for this class:

Senior Instructor

Gary Zimmer

Gary Zimmer was raised on a dairy farm in northeastern Wisconsin. He received training in dairy nutrition, earning a bachelors degree from the University of Wisconsin and a master’s degree from the University of Hawaii (1970). After achieving his educational goals, he spent the next five years teaching a farm operation and management course at Winona Area Technical Institute, Winona, Minnesota. In addition to nutrition, he was required to teach courses in crops, soils and farm finance. His approach to teaching included outside speakers, on-farm projects, field trips and much study. He has always asked questions and looked at many ways of farming with an open mind. This led him to discover The Albrecht Papers, Brookside consulting training, work as a private consultant in southeastern Minnesota, and ultimately to promote a better understanding and appreciation of biological farming.

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Biological Farming Course Reviews

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5 star rating


Kurstin Barta

Great course. Practical steps, great layout, easy to understand. Very helpful.

Great course. Practical steps, great layout, easy to understand. Very helpful.

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