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This Short Course is Ideal

if you are a farmer, rancher, landowner or grower who are actively trying to solve these types of problems:

  • You are a grower searching for a nontoxic system

  • Water is running off your property and not into your own storage areas

  • Monocrop or traditional rotation systems are producing an annual decrease in yields

  • Land and soil health are dilapidated

  • A system is needed to integrate livestock, trees and crops

  • A campus or business property needing nontoxic, alternative ideas

  • and more!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Welcome, and an Introduction

  • 2

    Key Concepts

    • Understanding Succession . . . Nature's Way

    • Perennialism

    • It's All About Resource Capture . . . Light, Rain, More

    • The Savanna — Successional Brushland

  • 3

    Real-World Application

    • Step 1: Identify your Biome

    • Step 2: Find the "Key" Economic Species

    • Step 3: Imitate the System

    • Oak Savanna Biome

    • Considering Biomes Other than the Oak Savanna

  • 4

    Next Steps on the Farm

    • Integrating Animals into a Restoration Agriculture System

    • Considering Water

    • An Introduction to Keylines and Masterlines

    • The Concepts of Water Management On-Farm

    • Meet "Agroforestry"

    • Agroforestry Techniques: Alley Cropping

    • Agroforestry Techniques: Silvopasture

  • 5

    And When It All Works Together . . .

    • Introduction: A Healthy Ecosystem

    • A Call for New Pioneers

    • SURVEY: One Last Request . . .

    • What to Do Next . . .?

  • 6

    Bonus Material

  • 7


    • Technical Troubleshooting

Quality Course Instruction

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Learn real-world tips from Mark Shepard, who will teach through text, images and from video on his permaculture farm in Wisconsin. Here is a sample video from his full course where he will teach you about the principles of contour farming.

Test the Permaculture Waters

Just thinking about a permaculture system and not ready to invest in learning all the nuts and bolts? This is the class that will give you enough detail to make key strategic decisions, before you dive in deep.

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