Experience Healthy Soil Summit

Get two days of cutting edge education on soil health, and also receive more than $50 in discounts to other classes and the Acres U.S.A. bookstore.

  • $119.00

    2020 Healthy Soil Summit Replay


Build Profitable Farm Strategies

A good soil health management system will lead you to lower input costs, fewer machinery needs and a more resilient business. For all sizes of growing systems and farms, big or small.

How to Use This Replay

The replay experience is self-paced with no expiration date. Use it to:

  • Build a network of soil health experts you trust

  • Inspire your business planning

  • Tweak and refine your fertilizer and input strategies

  • Take the first steps to transitioning your farm's growing system

  • Provide employees professional development opportunities

  • Schedule a home viewing for your community

  • ... and more!

2020 Healthy Soil Summit Agenda

Closed captions available on all videos, including audience Q&As.

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