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Paul Dorrance

Welcome, and thank you for your interest in my course. Through this educational opportunity, I am seeking to fulfill my mission to educate, encourage, and equip both new and seasoned farmers for success. These days, more and more people are actively seeking to source their food from eco-friendly, humane, health conscious, local farms, with the tidal wave of consumer demand only now beginning to swell. I believe that regenerative agriculture is the way of the future, and I want to help farmers prepare for a profitable future in their agricultural enterprise.

Students will learn

Use worksheets, video, audio and text to learn the critical elements of a solid business plan.

  • How to define your farm values

  • How to craft your farm's brand

  • Ideal business structures for your operation

  • How to communicate your farm's unique value proposition

  • How to create a marketing strategy that converts sales

  • Farm budgeting and key finance opportunities

  • How to build a comprehensive strategic plan

Real-World Information

Paul Dorrance has filled each chapter with thoughtful guidance, detailed worksheets, real world anecdotes, and targeted goals that ensure students walk away equipped to execute a successful strategically planned farm business.


Generate an immediate ROI with this reasonably-priced course!

Course curriculum

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