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This Replay Includes

The most post-conference video in our 46-year-old event history! We are continuing to raise the bar the bar on eco-ag event education.

  • More than 40 hours of sessions & keynotes

  • Video of presenters and presentations when appropriate

  • Access from your phone, tablet or desktop

Nobody Talks About Soil Health Like Acres U.S.A.

Founded in 1971 as the Voice of Eco-Agriculture

Experience the same education experienced by hundreds of farmers and ranchers, from brand new to the field to those with decades of experience. PIctured: Nicole Masters

Event Agenda

  • 2

    Tuesday, December 7 Replay

    • Paul Dorrance: Setting Your Farm Business on a Firm Foundation

    • Aaron Weaver: Soil Conditioning for Vegetable Crops

    • André Leu: Growing Life — Maximizing Solar Energy

    • Jesse Frost: Soil Biology & the Carbon Cycle

    • Tuesday Keynote with Fred Provenza: We are the Earth and the Earth is Us

  • 3

    Wednesday, December 8 Replay

    • Leilani Zimmer-Durand: Soil Biology

    • Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin: Regenerative Poultry Production Systems

    • Mark Shepard: Water Management for All Farms

    • Dr. Judith Fitzpatrick: Building Microbial Communities

    • Paul Dorrance: Diversifying Through Livestock Integration

    • Doug Fine: Regenerative Hemp

    • Gary Zimmer: Using Soil Tests to Manage a Healthy Operation

    • Judith McGeary: Animal Welfare & Regenerative Ag

    • Erik Hagan: Integrating Agroforestry Into Your Operation

    • Dr. Kristie Wendelberger: Using Cover Crops in Organic Vegetable Systems

    • Panel: Is Mobile THE Solution for America’s Meat Processing Bottleneck?

    • André Leu: Total Soil Health — Organic Matter & Mineral Balance

    • Edwin Blosser: What, How and Why Compost Quality Matters for Economic Results

    • Dr. Paul Dettloff: Safely Managing DC Current & Livestock

    • Rick Clark: Organic No-Till

    • Wednesday Keynote with Will & Jenni Harris: Unraveling Our Dependence on Chemical Agriculture

  • 4

    Thursday, December 9 Replay

    • Don Huber: Managing Plant Disease

    • Dr. Nasha Winters: Human Health Resiliency

    • John Ikerd: Building Back Resilient Ag Communities (audio only)

    • John Kempf: Regen Soil Health w/ Foliar Sprays (audio only)

    • Dr. Michelle Perro: Food for Children’s Mental Health

    • Marty Travis: Generational Transitioning

    • W. Joe Lewis: Talking Plants & Smart Insects

    • Nicole Masters: A Farmer’s Mindset

    • Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin: Applying Indigenous Thinking

    • Steve Diver: Applied Weed Ecology

    • Jeff Tkach: Power of the Plate

    • Janelle Maiocco: Delight Buyers On All Channels

    • Thursday Keynote with an All-Star Panel: A Healthy Future: Building Soil, Plant, Human & Mental Health

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