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So many of us wonder what we can personally do to help mitigate climate change. An encouraging answer is, “plant some hemp in your background garden.” Even as hemp makes a major comeback as a regenerative commercial crop, backyard gardeners and small-scale food farmers can benefit from a superfood harvest while sequestering carbon and helping ensure a livable planet for generations to come.

Course Instruction

Here are just some of the key concepts you will learn with this course.

  • How to prepare your soil for premium hemp

  • How to select the right genetics and seeds

  • How and when to plant for superfood, fiber, flower, or just carbon sequestration

  • How to dry and process your harvest

  • The rules and regulations of growing hemp

  • And more!

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Preparing for Your First Hemp Season

    • Your First Hemp Season

    • You Are A Soil Gardener Now

    • Managing Your Soil

    • Soil Tests, Manure, Alfalfa, Trace Minerals, and Not Much Else

    • Water Options and Strategies

    • Your Seeds: Selecting the Correct Seeds Depends ...

    • Polyculture: The Art of Companion Planting

  • 3

    Planting Day Bliss

    • Where to Start: The Soil is Ready, You Have the Seeds, and it is Planting Day

    • Water Protocol: Avoid Overwatering

    • Germination and Bifurcation: When They Pop, They Really Pop!

    • What to Look for Mid-Season: Prepare for Harvest-Day Crop Drying

    • Harvest: How to Know When a Seed (Grain) Plant is Ripe

    • Troubleshooting & Image Gallery of Healthy Hemp Plants

    • Bonus Lesson: Dr. Whitney Cranshaw: Hemp Pest Management.

  • 4

    Harvest, Storage and Applications: A Personal Case Study

    • Harvest Case Study: An Oregon Hand Harvest on Halloween in 2018

    • Harvesting Sinsemilla Flower

    • Drying, Curing and Aging: The Art and Flow of Post-Harvest Seed and Flower

    • Using Hemp: Seed Harvest Markets, Processing Techniques and Costs

  • 5

    Hemp Gardening Rules and Regulations: A Plant That Requires a Permit

    • Acquiring Your State Permit

    • Removing the THC Burden from Farmers Like You

    • Rules for Growing Food Grade Hemp

    • Your Regenerative Hemp Garden: The Big Reward

    • Final Quiz

Course Instructor


Doug Fine

Doug Fine is a solar-powered goat herder, comedic investigative journalist, bestselling author, and pioneer voice in regenerative farming, including cannabis/hemp. He has cultivated hemp for food and seed-building in four US states and teaches a Sterling College hemp class in Vermont. In addition, he is an award-winning culture and climate correspondent from five continents (for NPR, the New York Times, and the Washington Post, among others). His books include American Hemp Farmer, Hemp Bound, Too High to Fail, Farewell, My Subaru (a Boston Globe Bestseller available in two Chinese dialects), Not Really An Alaskan Mountain Man, and First Legal Harvest, a monograph that was printed on hemp paper. Willie Nelson calls Doug’s work “a blueprint for the America of the future.” The Washington Post says, “Fine is a storyteller in the mold of Douglas Adams.” A website of Doug’s print and radio work, United Nations testimony, television appearances and TED Talk is at Social media: @organiccowboy.

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